Labradoodle Adoption

Adopting a Rusty Amber
Labradoodle puppy

Our non-shedding pups are priced at $4400 incl gst.

Our low-shedding pups are priced at $3300 incl gst. ** Please note we don't usually have shedding pups available for sale as most of our pups have non-shedding coats if we think we will have a litter with shedding pups it will be noted in the litter description. We occasionally do get low shedding pups appearing unexpectedly but usually we we aren't able to identify them till 5-6 weeks of age and then if available are advertised on our facebook page.

All our pups come with a 2 year heath guarantee against hereditary heath problems. We will refund up to the purchase price if your puppy develops any genetic problems in the first 2 years. Please click the link below to view a copy of our guarantee/contract.

View the Rusty Amber Pet Companion Guarantee

We like to provide our families with some notes on what to expect the first night, basic training and grooming etc. Please click the link below to download our puppy care notes.

View the Rusty Amber Puppy Care Notes

We often get families asking for a shopping list to help prepare for their puppys arrival. We have put together a list of things you might want to consider buying.

View the Rusty Amber 'What to Buy' guide.

If you have decided that you wish to be placed on our waiting list for one of our up-coming litters, the next step is to send us an e-mail with the type of puppy you would like eg. colour and coat and from which litter. Once this is done we will place you on a waiting list and keep you updated with news on due dates etc. We will accept deposits of $200 and application forms usually after the pups are born and we are sure we have a pup that suits your requirements .

When the pups get to 6 weeks of age and have passed a health check by our vet, puppy allocations/selections are made in consultation with the families. The allocations/selections are done based in order of waiting list (paying a deposit when the pups are born will secure this position on the list). If you commit to a pup at this stage the deposit becomes non-refundable.

If you cancel your booking prior to allocations the deposit is refundable or if you prefer you are able to leave the deposit against a pup for a different up-coming litter. Please note all our breeding dogs live in carer families so are not available for viewing on a daily basis.

The labradoodle mothers come and live with us to have and raise their litters and then return to their families.

As we breed from our family home we do not allow visiting.

You are able to watch your puppy grow via pictures that are updated weekly on our website. We also post video snippets and extra photo's on our facebook page. Once allocation time arrives we will send you extra photo's and short video's of the pup/s as that are available to you. We will then call you to chat with you about which pup will be best suited for your family. At this time we will also spend time discussing any questions you may have.

We understand that circustances can change which is why we are willing to refund up to allocations being made at 6 weeks. Please make a decision at the time of deposit, particularly if you are on more than one breeders waiting list, as having a cancellation when the pups are 6 weeks of age means that we have to find a family for a pup in a short time and may have turned away families who were genuinely interested. Many breeders have non-refundable deposits for this reason.

If you live locally or are able to pick the pup up in person, your pup will be ready at 8 weeks of age. We try to have the enitre litter leave on the same day or in particularly large litters over 2 days. This date is not negotiable - as soon as the litter is born you will be informed on the send home date for the litter. We will not hold back pups if the date does not suit you.

Pups travelling interstate can travel from 8 weeks of age. The cost of shipping the pup is the buyers responsibility. Price varies depending on the distance but you will need to budget anywhere from between $70-$250 dollars for shipping within Australia. We usually arrange shipping for all our pups with Jet Pets for you a week before they are due fly.

We request the balance payment for your pup be made 3-5 working days prior to collection or shipping.

Please take notice of the date when the pups will be ready to go to their new families. We do not keep our pups longer than the day they turn 8 weeks (we will be able to tell you what the date is as soon as the litter is born and you will have 2 months to plan ahead) If you are going on holidays etc. around this time, it might be better to wait for a different litter.

We are happy to provide ongoing support if you have any questions or problems with your Labradoodle. If the need ever arisies we are also willing to help with re-homing your dog.

Rusty Amber Labradoodle puppies come with...


A full pedigree that will show you all your pups ancestry.

Registration with the Australian Labradoodle Association

As ALA accredited breeders all our pups are registered with the with the Australian Labradoodle Association. Your pup will be registered after you take him/her home and we will email you a copy of his/her registration certificate.

Photo Page

A photo page that has various pictures from birth till 8 weeks of age.

Puppy Care Notes

Our own Australian Labradoodle puppy care notes.

Vaccination Certificate

All our pups are vaccinated at 6 weeks. You will receive a vaccintion certificate in your puppy pack.

Important Dates Information Sheet

This information sheet includes a schedule for worming and vaccintaion as well as a list of what your puppy has been fed prior to leaving us.

Health Guarantee and Contract

You will be required to sign a copy of the guarantee prior to taking your puppy home. If your puppy is being shipped we will provide a signed copy in your puppy pack.

Microchip Certificate

All our pups are microchipped when they are desexed and are registered with the PetSafe network.

Desexing Certificate

All our pet puppies are de-sexed at around 7 weeks of age.

We feel very strongly about the benefits of early desexing of our pet quality puppies, and feel it is a necessary step to take to protect the quality and genetic health of the Australian Labradoodle. We have the support of a wonderful Veterinary team (whom I have been with for the past 7 years) who work with us to make de-sexing as least stressful as possible to the pups. All pups to be desexed in a litter travel together to the vet and are kept in two's or threes while there. They are done shortly after arriving and we collect them shortly after they are awake. They all recover very quickly from the surgery (much faster than dog that are 6 months or older) and are fully healed before they go to their new homes.

More about early spay and neuter